R19: 21 years old and 550 copies!

The R19 has continued to evolve for 21 years.
550 R19 harvester built in Beaulieu.
On all continents and orchards, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, chestnuts, apples, pecan, macadamia

X16 Olive harvester 2021

First video of the demonstration of the X16 in Andalusia in an olive grove. Some modifications to make, but the result is very satisfactory.

The AMB Rousset team

Termly AMB Rousset meeting and beers last friday for the whole team. family picture...

In more than 30 countries !!

The cracking line has been sold in more than 30 countries, try to name some of them !...

The last Macadamia Haverster

LSee you in Queensland to discover the last macadamia harvester from AMB Rousset....

A presence in the world!!!   

For more than 30 years, we export our machines in all the producing countries of nuts. We possess retailers’ large number in the world.
We export in Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, England, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, Greece, Romania,
Turkey, Chile, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, the USA today.

Discover us in video

You have a project of investment?

You have a project of investment in collectors for almonds, cherries, sweet chestnuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, apples, plums, olives for the season 2018?

Ask right now for a demonstration your place of residence with the various models of our range.

Constructor of solutions for harvesting and working fruit