Our history

Since 1970, on 35,000 m² of land, AMB ROUSSET has been located in Isère in the heart of the largest walnut grove in France. Our covered buildings include manufacturing, assembly, painting, repair, storage workshops as well as offices. We now have more than 75 employees available, including a design office, at the cutting edge of innovation and equipped with latest generation software..


  • Founded in 1970
  • 1500 harvester around the world
  • € 12,000,000 in turnover
  • 75 employees
  • 40% of turnover from exports in 43 countries


  • Design tools adapted to the change in profession of our farmer clients.
  • To have the whole range of machines able to quickly and economically remove the harvest from the orchard, and to pre-condition it correctly so that it awaits its customers in good conditions.
  • Provide a comfortable work environment where employees are empowered to perform at their best.

Our values

  • Listen to our customers on technical developments: mechanical and agricultural.
  • Constantly testing and improving our products.
  • Guarantee that equipment of our manufacture will be serviced for life.
  • Give the same attention to the owner of 10 walnut trees as to the owner of 1000 hectares.
  • Help our customers 24/7 during harvest.

    Our great ability to listen and the constant search for the satisfaction of our customers are the paramount values of AMB ROUSSET for whom: “The customer creates the machines”.

    Our family-owned company on a human scale is a benchmark for the quality of agricultural machinery and the services offered because it supports, builds loyalty and has been devoted to its customers for 50 years.

Our strengths

  • A long range unique in the world
  • Positioning on several fruits and on several parts of the world
  • Leader in its domestic market
  • Recognized quality
  • Young and local staff
  • A feeling of belonging to the agricultural world
  • An important capacity for listening and innovation
  • Great responsiveness
  • A culture of service 7 days a week during harvest
  • A family business

AMB ROUSSET has always attached great importance to after-sales service. Ready to troubleshoot 7 days a week during the fruit harvest season. Our large stock of spare parts, allowing the repair of all machines since the creation of the company, offers us great responsiveness. AMB ROUSSET is therefore able to ship immediately anywhere in France and around the world. With transport vehicles and a fleet of breakdown machines, AMB ROUSSET will always have a solution to your problem.

Constructor of solutions for harvesting and working fruit