Vitipince – Grapevine planter

+ : more output per hour : 55% savings in labor costs
+ : working comfort : remove difficult working conditions
– : less handling
– : Less equipment investment
This tool is solid, multifunction and economical. The pliers is as easy to attach as a bucket, she is also as easy to
use. She does not take up space and can be carried by hand. She connects to the double effect line of the rock
breaker (almost all of mini excavator are equipped) ;

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This tool is an adaptable pliers on a mechanic arm (such as a mini excavator). The interest of this tool is that it combines several functions by its design. In fact, in closed condition, the pliers constitute a claw that can decompact soil including very stony soil.
After having decompact under the roots, we can extract the vine stock off by opening the jaws of the pliers, and load it in a trailer.
Then in closed position we can flatten the decompacted area and insert by an orifice on the pliers, a plant, in the hollow space between the jaws of the pliers. To plant the vine stock insert the pliers into the ground , then open the jaws and release the plant. Once the plant into the ground, we pull the pliers off and we can compact around the roots and then flatten the ground.
With the same tool and in a single passing we can realize all the necessary work to the complantation which previously required 4 passes : first one to pull off the vine stock, second one to pick up the vine stock, the third one to plant him again and then, the fourth one to put a stake, a protection and some fertilizer.