X16 harvester

The new harvester concentrates all of our experience AMB ROUSSET to meet the specific needs of small and medium exploitations.
For an affordable price, the X16 has everything a great, irrefutable proof that size is not everything.
Designed to pick nuts, hazelnuts, chestnuts and cider apples. Equipped with an engine of last generation, Its performance is more than satisfactory and it has a large hopper compared to its size.
Thanks to the multiple sorts performed during the collection, the fruits in the hopper are clean.

NEW DEALER in Australia
Formatt Machinery (macadamia walnuts)
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Yield per hectare 1 h 45
KOHLER engine 4 cylinders 2.4 liters – (55.4 Kw) 75 hp at 2600 rpm
Common Rail – Stage IIIB / Tier IV Final
Transmission Poclain hydrostatic advancement self-propelled
Pump with hydromechanical control
4-wheel drive 2-way
Half-wide front deck.
Very flexible driving
Oil break brake and parking brake
Tires Wide low pressure: 26×12-12
Gasoline tank 80 litres
Harvesting Pick-up Cylindrical with rubber brushes Ø800 mm with Ø260 helicoidal rotor (Ø220 straight)
Harvesting width 1,30 m
Sweeping width 2 sweepers rake D = 1000
Total sweeping width 2,80m
Sorting 1st pre-sorting of impurities by bar chain
2nd sorting of the leaves by ventilation (diffuser over the entire collection width)
3rd final sorting by vibrating grid (21 mm space)
Hopper Hydraulic lifting and tilting
Volume: 1525 liters useful 1935L complete
Drain height: 2,55 m
Standard equipment 2 sweepers rake D = 1000
Lateral turbine
Length 5,16 m
Width 2.29m outside front tire 2.87m outside rubber sweeper
Height 2,08 m
Weight 3235 kg empty
Options Additional side sweeper – closed cabine – air conditioning – hopper equalizer – cameras

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