Vibratory feed pan – TK4

Used to regulate the nut infeed, our vibratory feed pan is often placed after a hopper and before an inspection table or a calibration station/post.


– Adjustable height of the hopper
– The hopper volume can be increased by adding extra stages

– Fill the hopper with fruits
– A vibrator makes the fruit output uniform thanks to a flap door

Three phase engine with adjustable flyweights (380 V) 0,85 kW
Stainless-steel or galvanized frame in floded and screwed sheet.
Fill the hopper with fruits
The fruits’ evacuation is made with a vibrator to regulate the flow by means of a fast opening trapdoor.
Adjustable height of the hopper
Possibility of increasing the volume of the hopper by adding an extension
Weight and dimensions
Length : ext : 1,27 m – interior : 0,90 m
Width : ext : 0,77 m – interior : 0,71 m
Height : adjustable from 1,60 m up to 2,10 m
Weight : 200 kg
Flow : 50 à 500 kg/hour

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