Stones separator – BAP

Directly placed after a harvester or after a pre-washing (or cleaning) station, this nut float tank will easily separate walnuts from rocks so as to minimize the impact of possible dirt, rocks, dirt clods, mud… on the rest of the line. This multifunctional device is also used to separate good chestnuts from bad ones.
As the water level is constant, you will work in the same conditions from the beginning to the end of your work period.

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-Deep tank keeps even heavy walnuts from being removed by rock belt -Large and quick draining valve -Easy access to bearings and shafts for maintenance and repairs -Working without control This device separates walnuts (or hazelnuts) from rocks and good chestnuts from bad ones

Motor :
Three-phase electrical moto-variator 0,25 kW – fixed speed
Three-phase electrical moto-variator 1,10 kW – fixed speed
Continuous water level
Frame : Mechanical-welded painted fully protected under casing
This machine separates walnuts from stones and the good chestnuts from bad ones
Weight, dimensions and flow
Length 2,55m
Width 1,05 m
Height 1,71 m
Weight 414 kg
Flow 8 m³ nuts fresh/hour
Water consumption 0,3 m³/hour
Raise 250 – 500 – 1000 mm

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