Sticks separator – SB2

The screen is a dry-separation system which is mounted on your installation before the cleaners


The wood and branch grid separates debris over 60 mm in length from the produce (walnuts, hazelnuts, chestnuts, almonds, cider apples etc.). An elevator regularly deposits materials to be processed over the grid. It can be placed on a L20 – L22 – L28 – L38 or on a stand to feed the elevator. The produce falls between the 60 mm slats. Pieces of wood, branches and leaves are evacuated at the front.

Weight and dimensions
Motor : three-phase geared motor 380 v – 0,37 Kw
Length: 1496 mm
Width: 1090 mm (709 mm usable)
Height : (without feet) 506 mm
(with feet) mini : 1560 mm
maxi : 1960 mm
Weight : 145 kg

Constructor of solutions for harvesting and working fruit