Multi levels dryer

After being washed, nuts have to be dried before being stored. Thanks to it’s extraordinary capacity, in no more than 48 hours, nuts will have loosen most of humidity that they contain and will be ready to be sold.
Our dryer is necessarily adapted to your drying needs, because its capacity can be easily increased by adding stages.


– This system is one of the most economical because it uses almost all of the air’s steam saturation power and a large part of the calories provided by the generator
– In addition, the multiple stage dryer ensures a rational drying because walnuts are pre-dried at the upper stage and finished at the lower stage, this allows a higher air temperature (30 to 35°C)

– Bolted set of galvanized sheets sections
– Helicoidal or centrifugal heat generator with different powers depending on the dimensions
– Motor vibrating floor (0.71 kW).

– The multiple stage dryer is made up of a set of stacked flap doors with a central opening
– It ensures a continuous working by the passing of the walnuts from top to bottom by gravity flow

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