Hydraulic shaker VHY

This high-performance hydraulic shaker is mounted at the rear of a tractor (aligned to the tractor). There are 2 versions :
– the standard version or VSH has a 85 trees per hour shaking capacity (hand adjusting of the orientation of the head)
– the VHY version has a 100 trees per hour shaking capacity thanks to its hydraulic adjusting of the orientation of the head. It makes the job easier for the operator and increases the efficiency of the shaker.
As both versions can be equipped with an electrical control and with an oil cooler, it is possible to increase your work comfort as well as your shaker’s efficiency

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– Quick change patterns
– Hydraulic vane pump for the VHY version / Gear pump and speed multiplicator for the VSH version
– Can shake 100 trees per hour (VHY) / 85 trees per hour (VSH)

– For trunks from 0,50 m to 2,40 m high and up to a circumference of 1,60 m (Ø 500 mm)
– Starlike vibration with a single belt drive
– All movements are hyraulic
– Masses are driven by two hydraulic engines which gives a full dynamism at the starting up
– Minimum tractor power requirement : 60 HP
– Opening and closing as well as vibration of the clamp are done by a hand drive (mounted on the shaker)
– Electrical control
– Oil cooler

Length : 3 m
Width : 1,17 m
Height : 1,20 m
Hydraulic vane pump (540 rpm or 1 000 rpm) direct connected
Weight : 975 kg
Gear pump and speed multiplicator
Weight : 918 kg

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