Hydraulic parallelogram shaker VHP

This shaker is a product specially developed for the harvest of half-standard trees. Extremely efficient (you will be able to shake up to 400 trees per hour) and highly adjustable (thanks to an adjusting system, you will be able to shake trees from Ø50 mm to Ø250 mm or from Ø250 mm to Ø 400 mm), this device will make you save a considerable amount of time and will significantly increase your yield.

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– The tightening of the tree’s trunk can be done from 0,30 m to 1,30 m high. Moreover, it is possible to shake trees with a wide range of diameter : from Ø50 mm to Ø250 mm or from Ø250 mm to Ø400mm (the adjustment is done by the operator, depending on his orchard specifications)
– Thanks to its very low amplitude vibration movement, the shaker head has respect for trees and their roots
– Possible to vibrate young trees
– Hydraulic vane pump, direct power take-off
– Quick change patterns
– Opening and closing as well as vibration and direction of the clamp are done by a joystick (electrical control) which is assembled in the driver’s cab
– This machine can shake 400 trees per hour


– Mechanically welded frame
– Shaker head independent from the frame, suspended by 2 chains
– The 2 support points of the shaker head are mounted on a parallelogram so as to reach a 2,50 m
swerve maximum
– Masses are driven by two hydraulic engines which gives a full dynamism at the starting up
– All movements are hydraulic
– Starlike vibration with a single belt drive
– Minimum tractor power requirement : 60 HP
– Length : 2,80 m
– Width : 1,27 m
– Height : 1,15 m
– Weight : 812 kg (without back balance)
1190 kg (with back balance)

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