Harvester R19

This harvester is the best of its category. It can harvest from 15 to 40 hectares. It is available so as to harvest cider apples, walnuts, chestnuts, hazelnuts, pecans…
Harvesting width : 2.6 m (depending on the sweeper option you choose)
Harvesting time : 1 hour/hectare

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NEW DEALER in Australia
Formatt Machinery (macadamia walnuts)
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Phone : +61 7 4151 2381

Engine DEUTZ 4 cylinders 3,6 liter – (90 Kw) 120 hp TURBO gasoil INTERCOOLER – stage 3B
Transmission Self-propelled SAUER DANFOSS hydrostatic movement
SAUER pump and engine featuring electronic control
Very easy to operate
front axle larger (better stability). 4-wheel drive and are steerable
all wheels are equipped with brakes
4 speeds (2 mécanic, 2 hydraulic)
Oil rupture brake and parking brake
oversized hydraulic cooler behind the cabin
Tyres Large, low pressure : 31×15.50-15
 Petrol reservoir 90 liters
  Harvesting pick-up Cylindrical with rubber brushes, Ø900 mm diameter with sliding steel casing on front
Adjustment and lifting by hydraulic control with levitation (option) to track the terrain + wheel to earth over ground
  Pickup width  2 m
  Lateral blower for line space Ultra-powerful, installed in close proximity to the sweeper, it offers maximum power and minimal bulk
  Blower Adjustable and control of the airflow at the driver’s station
Sorting 1st pre-sorting of the impurities by carpet before with bars
2nd sorting of the leaves by ventilation (diffuser over the entire width of harvesting) adjustable at the driver’s station and smooth inverted carpet
3rd by barred conveyor belt or vibrating grid (space 21 mm)
Hopper Hydraulic raising and swinging
Hopper level for ultrasound sensor
Capacity : 1600 liters
Emptying height : up to 2,75 m
Serie Equipment Hopper equalizer
Leaves evacuator
Reverse carpet
Liftable front plate
Hopper level ultrasonic sensor
Rotor invertor
Lateral blower
Fire extinguisher
Cabin for walnuts (closed on 3 sides, without any door)
Length 6,49m
Width 2,34m
Height 1,89m
Weight 4740 kg (with 2 sweepers Ø600 mm and 1 sweeper Ø1000 mm)
Options Lateral satellite sweeper – air-conditioned – cabin door – step in crab – levitation

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