Galvanised and bolted elevator and conveyor

This elevator is very robust with its galvanised and bolted frame. It exists in several length, from 1,50 m up to 7 meters and more. It transports from 3 to 5 tons/hour.


Very robust galvanised and bolted frame. Mechanically welded folded sheet frame
– Fitted on 4 self-aligning bearings
– Three phase moto-reducer, at fixed or adjustable speed, controlled by a mechanical variator

– PVC transport band with buckets (150 mm pich)
– Transport band width : 300 or 400 mm
– The tension of the carpet is adjustable
– The machine and the PVC transport band with buckets are protected by
a guard (In accordance with the labour legislation)
– Good centering of the band by a convex machined driving drum
– Fixed or wheeled
– Reverser of sense
– Speed variator (mechanics or electronics)
Weight and dimensions
Length : from 1,50 m up to 7 m or more
Width : 0,3 m (0,45 m including the engine)
Height : adjustable
Weight : depending on the model
Flow : depending on the slope, from 3 to 5 t/h
Motor : three-phase (power depending on the model)
As standard, engines are to the left by report to the sense of walking of the band
fixed : 2 m à 3 m
Moveable : small: 3,50 m
Medium: 4 m à 4,50 m
Big: 5 m à 6 m
For 300 mm buckets : 0,40 m (micro
1,00 m (standard)
1,80 m
2,60 m
For 400 mm buckets : 1.00 m (standard)

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