Empty shell removal blower 1500

Used to separate empty shells from plenty ones, this machine can also separate kernels from shells. it can be used for walnuts (dry or fresh), hazelnuts (dry or fresh) and chestnuts.
We recommend you to put this machine after our adjustable vibratory feed pan, and before a calibration unit.
It processes up to 1500 kg of walnuts/hour.


– Low sound level (71dBA) – Impulse blower – This device separates walnut halves from shells (after cracking), and can also separate empty nuts from plenty ones – Adjustable air flow by diaphragm – Can be used for fresh or dry nuts / hazelnuts – Can be used to separate chestnuts from their husk – Separate all kind of wastes by difference in density of the various elements OPTIONAL Adjustable vibratory feed pan

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