Cable shaker

At places where shaking would be impossible for tractors, this entry-level shaker will be very useful on hilly lands ; this robust, reliable and light machine will enable you to shake trees from a great distance (up to 7 meters and even more). It shakes about 20 trees / hour.

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– Very easy to handle : 3 point linkage and power take-off
– Does not lead to vibrations on the tractor
– For little and big trees
– Works even with a low powered tractor
– Robust material

– Hook the rubberised sling to the trunk or to the branches
– Tighten the 7 meters sling, operate the power take-off

Cardan and angle transmission drive
Minimum tractor pover requirement : 40PH
Weight and Dimensions
Length : 1,13 m
Width : 0,90 m
Height : 1,40 m
Weight : 300 kg (plus a 250 kg ballast)

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