After cracker (Shelling machine)

This device makes it possible to dissect the nuts, and to separate the kernels from the shells. It processes between 40 and 120 kg of nuts / hour in standard version and up to 200 kg of nuts / hour with the option calibrator kit on the energetic machine inlet.

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The quality of the product from the enoiseuse is greatly improved if the nuts are calibrated before breaking.
The greaser treats broken nuts. These must be broken down before enoisage. This eliminates a maximum of shells of the fruits to be treated.
Then the fruits to be peeled are introduced from above. The system shells them continuously.
The shelling is adjustable depending on the result obtained (too much husked = too many whole kernels broken / not enough husked = more kernels with shells wedged in).
The broken fruit shells are then separated by adjustable ventilation.
Kernels are always in contact with food materials.
The frame of the enoiseuse and its robust components allow an intensive use. It is easy to maintain and spare parts are easily available.
This huller fully respects the integrity of the kernels. It allows the highest possible yield in whole kernels depending on the variety of sizes.

Yield Between 40 and 120 kg / hour according to the diameter of the nuts (standard version)
Motorization 1,45 kW – 380v
Transmission Moto-reducer and vibrator
Driving station  Piloting by varying the distance between the two plates of enoisage.
Both trays are automatically deburred with a delay and adjustable ventilation
Operating Continuous
Base Adjustable feet from – 400 to + 200mm
Options Calibrator kit in kernel inlet with kernel deflection (ENO0011)
Yield up to 200kg / hour
Security Complies with CE standards
Length: 1 m – Width: 1 m – Height: from 2.30 m to 2.83 m – Weight: 340 kg

Calibration kit on a kernel inlet with deflection of kernels (ENO0011)
Function: Unload the plates of enoiseuse.
How: The products that are not to be deoised are bypassed before the plates of enoiseuse.
Only pass between the trays the product to be peeled.
What Happens: Kernels + hulls / halves + hulls / kernels complete in broken hulls.
What is discarded: Invalids / quarters / integers
Advantage:- allows to increase the capacity of the eneuseeuse to an equivalent of 200kg of nuts / hour.
– not to damage already decorticated whole when passing between trays.

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