Adjustable storage hopper (self-assembly)

Designed on the model of our multiple stage dryers which have proven reliable for more than 10 years, our adjustable hopper, sold in kit form, is extremely useful in various applications. The high capacity hopper (volume varies depending on your choice) is mainly used to store walnuts, hazelnuts, chestnuts for short periods : before (or after) washing, hulling, drying…
Practical and adjustable, this device  will perfectly match your applications.


The hopper’s height is available in standard at 1,05 m above the ground but as the set is adjustable, it can easily be placed at ground level or at 1,05 m high so as to pour into an empty shell removal blower.
Standard height is at 3 meters but we can increase it’s capacity by adding side extensions.

Available in 2×2 m or in 2,5×2,5 m, it can store nuts after washing (in that case we can attach a blower to it), before hulling or after drying operations. Discharge is done thanks to a vibrator in order to regulate the flow, or by a quick opening (upon request).

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