Hopper (self-assembly)

Designed on the basis of our multiple stage dryer that have proven itself for more than 10 years, here is the adjustable hopper sold in kit form :
Available in 2×2 m or in 2,5×2,5 m, it can store nuts after washing (in that case we can attach a blower to it), before hulling or after drying operations.


Evacuation is carried out using a 0.17 kW vibrator (optional) to regulate the flow rate or by a quick opening.
The hopper’s height is available in standard at 1,05 m above the ground but as the set is adjustable,
it can easily be placed at ground level or at 1,50 m high so as to pour into an empty shell removal blower.
Standard height is at 3 meters but we can increase it’s capacity by adding side extensions.

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