Hydraulic shaker VHY

The most versatile of our vibrators hitched to the back of a tractor.
It is designed to vibrate fruit trees : walnuts, plums, cherries, cider apples.
Its star vibration was thought not to hurt the tree while ensuring an optimal work. All his movements are hydraulic.
Available in several versions : manual or electric control, oil cooler, arms on several length for all types of trees, it combines robustness, high efficiency and softness.
The hollow tubes, filled with soft material are offered as an option. They are especially suitable for harvesting fresh nuts and vibrating fragile trees.

This hydraulic vibrator is available in 2 versions:
– VHY with hydraulic adjustment of the head orientation: up to 100 shafts/hour
– VSH (Simple Hydraulic Vibrator) with manual adjustment of the head orientation : up to 85 shafts/hour

Made for
Cider apples
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– Quick replacement of parts
– Hydraulic vane pump for VHY, and gear pump and multiplier for VSH
– Can shake up to 100 trees per hour (VHY) / 85 trees per hour (VSH)
– For trunks from 0.50 m to 2.40 m in height and up to 1.60 m in circumference (Ø 500 mm)
– Star vibration, single belt drive
– All movements are hydraulic
– Masses are driven by two hydraulic motors giving a great dynamism at the start
– Minimum tractor power required: 60 HP
– The opening and closing, as well as the vibration of the clamp are done by manual controls (placed on the vibrator)
OPTIONS : – Electric control – Oil cooler

80 trees/hour
Power required
75 ch
2 hydraulic motors giving a great dynamism at startup
Pallet pump
Oil tank
140 liters
manual or electric dispenser
Vibration head
star vibration (omnidirectional)
suspended by 2 chains and 2 pads
hydraulic adjustment of the orientation
Diameter of the trunks
Vibration height
from 0.50 m to 2.40 m
American soft clamping pads
Rotating brushes
Electric control
Oil cooler
4th distributor
Large arm on cylinder for high shaf
Complies with CE standards
Length : 3m - Width : 1,17 m - Height : 1,20 m
1 080 Kg / 1 130 Kg