Washer huller 3m – L38

This is the fastest and most versatile of our washers.
It is designed to remove the green skin from nuts (husk) and wash them very quickly.
Equipped with a motorized inner drum that rotates in the opposite direction to the outer drum, it can, thanks to the speed variation and the nature of the coating, act with force or softness continuously.
Its robust chassis and components allow for intensive use. It is easy to maintain and spare parts are readily available.
The control is done by varying the filling rate and the rotation speeds.

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The advantages
Speed: removal of waste and bad nuts
Less manpower: sorting requires less personnel
Efficiency in waste sorting: thanks to the options of deflectors and transverse and recovery belts
Adaptation to different layouts: extension, continuous operation of two machines
Economy and respect of the environment: reduction of water consumption thanks to the dirty water (recycled) / clean water ramps

– Open green nuts to finish shelling
– Clay soil leading to the presence of soil in the interstices of the shell of the nut
– Closed green walnuts for fresh marketing (output: 500 kg of shelled fresh walnuts/h)

– Special brushes on shelling rotor for earthy nuts on clayey soil Instead of hollow metal for fragile nuts (Parisian, Chandeleur,…)
– Motorized door Allows the management of the filling level
– Speed variator on drum Allows to optimize the washing for difficult productions
– Dirty water (recycled) / clean water ramps Allows a better management of used water. Saving thanks to the recycling of the pre-wash water (last rinse of the nuts with clean water). Complies with the specifications of the Noix de Grenoble and Noix du Périgord PDOs.
– High pressure ramp Allows a better cleaning thanks to the high pressure provided. (for earthy walnuts or 1st shaken)
– Lateral and central deflectors
– Transversal and recovery belts Allows the management of liquid and solid waste which are grouped separately in one point.
– Raised height Allows for customization according to each installation

Technical characteristics
Raw walnuts : 6-7 m3/h - Washed walnuts : 5,3 m3/h
Fresh walnuts : 4 t/h - Dry walnuts : 2 t/h
2,2kW + 3kW - 380v
External Rotor by 2 coaxial gearmotors with belt
Internal Rotor by 1 coaxial gearmotor with belt
Water / Watering
Recommended water flow : 5m3/h
2 Low pressure water ramps inside and outside
Driving position
The control is carried out by varying the filling rate and the speed of rotation of the inner drum by means of a speed variator.
Reverse rotor direction possible.
Outer drum
Ø 800mm mechanic-welded, laser/square 12/12
Inner drum
Scaling plates mounted on a rotor.
Brush plates on the 2 vertical faces of the rotor.
Beater brush at the outlet.
Unstuck brush
With helical turns
Adjustable 0 to 130mm in steps of 10mm.
Initial adjustment of input foot 110mm - Initial adjustment of output foot 90mm.
Factory outlet slope ≈1% (20mm offset between adjustable entry and exit feet)
- Brush drum
- Speed variator on the drum
- Scaling rotor with electric variator
- Motorized door
- Pre-washer type outlet chute (without hole) (replacing washer type)
- No rotor to put in pre-washer (replacing the shelling rotor)
- Slag water re-injection pump
- Recycling bin for washing water
- High pressure outlet ramp
- Side and central deflectors
- Extensions (250mm, 500mm, 750mm or 1000mm)
- Special drum for smaller nuts (hazelnuts, almonds, chestnuts, chestnuts) to limit scratching of the product by sheathing the bars
Comply with EC standards
Length : 3,80m
Width : 1,08m
Height : 1,62 m
Weight : 1 540 kg