Economical hydraulic shakers’ range

The lightest and most modular of our vibrators attached to the back of a tractor.
It is designed to vibrate fruit trees: walnuts, plums, cherries, cider apples.
Its star-shaped vibration has been thought to avoid hurting the tree while ensuring an optimal work. All its movements are hydraulic.
Available in several versions, it combines sturdiness, high efficiency and softness.
Hollow bladders, filled with soft material, are available as an option. They are particularly suitable for harvesting fresh nuts and for vibrating fragile trees.
Direct drive, manual or electric control, oil cooler, different arm lengths,

We have developed an economical range of hydraulic vibrators allowing to shake between 55 and 75 trees per hour.
– the VHB is the cheapest of the range: the PTO must be engaged at each shaft
– the VHD is equipped with a manual distributor allowing the opening, closing and vibration of the clamp
– the VHE and VHF are equipped with a joystick in the driver’s cab to open, close and vibrate the clamp

Made for
Cider apples
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– Thanks to its star-shaped vibration movement of very low amplitude, the vibrating head respects trees and their roots perfectly
– Possibility to vibrate young trees
– Quick assembly/disassembly of the vibrator on the tractor
– Output per hour: 55 trees for VHB / 75 trees for VHD-E-F
– Clamping of trunks up to 1.88 m in circumference (Ø 600 mm)
– Star vibration – All movements are hydraulic
– The masses are driven by two hydraulic motors for a very dynamic start
– Minimum tractor power required: 60 HP
– for logs from 0.50 m to 2.20 m high (VHB-D-E) / depending on the fork travel (VHF)
– PTO clutch on each shaft for VHB
– opening, closing and vibration of the clamp are performed by a 2-element valve for VHD
– The opening, closing and vibration of the clamp are carried out by a control lever placed in the driver’s cab of the tractor for VHE and VHF

60 trees/hour
Power requirements
60 ch
By 2 hydraulic motors giving a great dynamism to the starting
Gear pump
Oil tank
45 to 140 liters
Driving position
Direct drive, manual or electric distributor
Vibration head
Suspended by 4 chains
No adjustment of the orientation
Trunk diameter
550 mm
Vibration height
from 0.50 m to 2 m
- American soft clamping pads
- Rotating brushes
- Electric control
- Oil cooler
- Low rod olives
Complies with CE standards
- Length : 3 m
- Width : 1,17m
- Height : 1,20 m
920 kg