Walnut cracking machine – Junior walnut cracker – CA3

This breaker can process up to 100 kg of nuts/hour.
It can be coupled with a pneumatic separator for an even more efficient work.

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The CA3 is the reference in its category. It is designed to crack 3 nuts at a time, previously washed and dried, calibrated or not.
To increase its output (+ 50 %), it can be equipped with a speed variator.
Its breaking system minimizes the breaking of the kernels and is continuous.
Its practical and efficient use does not require supervision. Its particularly robust design requires very little maintenance.
The CA3 is equipped with an anti-stone system which prevents the machine from being damaged if stones of the same diameter as the nuts pass through the machine.

The Junior CA3 is equipped with a 380 V three-phase power supply.
In the standard version, the CA3 has a capacity of 50 to 70 kg / hour depending on the size of the nuts.
With the option of an electronic speed variator, a maximum output of 70 to 100 kg/hour is obtained.
This option also allows to lower the flow of the breaker to 20kg/hour and thus of the breaking chain.

– In case of easy to break nuts, you want to have more throughput, the variator option allows you to increase it up to 100kg/hour depending on the nut size.
– If you are alone at the sorting table, the batch is difficult, you can lower the flow with the option variator until 20kg/hour.

Three-phase electric protected by thermal contactor 380 V
0,75 kW
Complies with CE standards
Mechanics fully protected under casing
300 liters
At the height of man
Anti-blocking system for stones
1,52 m
0,80 m
1,70 m
212 kg / 222 kg
Flow rate (depending on the size of the nut)
50 to 70 kg/h
70 to 100 kg/h (option: electronic variable speed drive 220 V single phase)
Associated separator
SEP800 (Pneumatic separator capable of extracting 20 to 30% of shells)