Harvester – RA7

This harvester is particularly suitable for collecting hazelnuts and chestnuts, but also almonds and walnuts, etc…

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This hervester is the most economical in our range of pick-up machines, it is carried, its small size allows it to access
to orchards in stairs from which the 12m50 of pipe allow to radiate.
It sucks hazelnuts, chestnuts and walnuts. Its sorting system allows to obtain clean fruits.
The option “ébogueur”, allows to eliminate perfectly the bugs of the chestnuts

500 to 1,000 kg/hour
Power requirements
By cardan (direct drive of the whole machine)
Suction hose
2 vents Ø 100mm or 1 vent Ø 120mm
Characteristics of the calibration drum
Ø 26 mm = hazelnuts - Ø 41 mm = chestnuts and nuts
1st : By ventilation just after the decompression chamber
2nd : Chestnut chopper (option)
3rd : Calibration drum, the big one falls on the ground, the small one continues
4th : Final sorting by ventilation during the conveyance to the bags
3 bags of 60 liters
Version with wheels available on request
Chestnut cutter (separation of chestnut bogues)
Cyclone for hazelnut (separation of involucre from hazelnut)
Length : 1m10
Width : 1m70
Height : 1m65
Empty weight : 370 kg